What do the Friends do?

"Dyffryn gardens are how you expect a country estates gardens to be- walled gardens, lots of different plants and decadent lawns and hedges."

Objectives of the Friends of Dyffryn

The objective of the Society is to advance education in and promote understanding and appreciation of horticulture and botany among the public. In furtherance of the above object the Society shall have the following powers:

  1. to further the development of the public amenities and the education and information services at Dyffryn Garden, including the extension of plant collections and the improvement of planting design;
  2. to support such other work conducive to the above objectives.

Members of the Society will be entitled to:

  1. Receive any newsletters giving details of activities within the House and Gardens and articles on horticultural, botanical and general interest.
  2. Attend meetings, which may take the form of lectures, garden visits and other events as arranged by the Society.

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